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Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Information

  • Q1:
    What does Electroline manufacture?
  • A: Electroline Equipment Inc. is an international industry-leading manufacturer of high-caliber, integrated cable telecommunications technology solutions. The Company offers six product families which are addressable tap systems, return path ingress management technology, drop amplifiers, passive CATV devices, DOCSIS based status monitoring transponders, MPEG monitoring probes, and Electro Optics for HFC and Fiber to the Home access networks.
  • Q2:
    When was Electroline founded?
  • A: The Company was founded in 1953, initially selling and installing television antennas. For more information on Electroline and its Historical Milestones, you can refer to the Company Profile section.
  • Q3:
    Where is Electroline headquartered?
  • A: In St- Laurent, QC. Canada (near Montreal). To The Company also has offices in North America, in Europe and many other location around the world. Click here for details.
  • Q4:
    Is Electroline ISO-certified?
  • A: Yes. Electroline's North American manufacturing facility is ISO 9001-certified.
  • Q5:
    Is Electroline publicly-traded?
  • A: No. Electroline is a private company, not traded on the stock market.
  • Q6:
    Where are Electroline's principal markets located?
  • A: Electroline's largest market is the United States. Other key sales areas include Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America.
  • Q7:
    Who are some of Electroline's customers?
  • A: Electroline's customers include several of the cable industry's major players such as Time Warner Communications, Comcast Cable Communications, and Cox Communications.
  • Q8:
    Why is Electroline considered an industry leader?
  • A: For several reasons. Electroline was the first company to develop and market these notable products: addressable tap and splitters, drop amplifiers exhibiting a 3 dB noise figure by incorporating gallium arsenide (GaAs) technology, return path management technology that can locate the source of ingress beyond the node and most recently hardened DOCSIS modems and status monitoring transponders. Today, Electroline still remains years ahead of the competition with its ongoing R&D efforts on its product lines.
  • Q9:
    Whom do I contact for technical support?
  • A: Please contact our head office, either by phone, fax or e-mail. Visit our Technical Support page for more details.
  • Q10:
    Does Electroline focus on R&D?
  • A: Yes. The Company set up its own Research and Development department in the late 1970s, to focus its efforts on producing cutting-edge solutions.
  • Q11:
    Are Electroline's price lists available online?
  • A: Electroline's price lists are not available online. For detailed pricing information, please contact one of the Electroline Offices.
  • Q12:
    Whom do I contact for delivery information?
  • A: To obtain delivery dates or other pertinent information relating to your order, please contact our corporate office and ask to speak to one of our Customer Service representatives.
  • Q13:
    Does Electroline provide on-site training for its products?
  • A: Electroline can provide on-site technical assistance upon request. For more details, visit our Customer Support page.

About Electroline Products

  • Q1:
    Does Electroline provide CATV service management software?
  • A: Electroline's next generation of cable management software for addressable systems, SoftConnect, is now available. Electroline's SoftConnect is a database software program used to control cable services provided to subscribers using Electroline's addressable taps. For more details, visit our SoftConnect page.
  • Q2:
    What types of drop amplifiers do you offer?
  • A: Electroline offers the most extensive line of drop amplifiers available to best suit installation requirements. Click here to learn more.
  • Q3:
    What is CLEARPath™?
  • A: The CLEARPath™ solution is comprised of several components that work together to easily detect, locate and allow ingress to be resolved in a matter of minutes. For more details, visit our Return Path Products page.
  • Q4:
    What is the latest version of the Cable Ingress Management software?
  • A: It is called Locator and it is an Internet-based version of CIM.